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Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories: Despite being a worldwide celebrity who thrives on attention, Beyoncé continues to be the subject of the most ridiculous rumors in the entertainment industry for unknown reasons.

The singer was strangely accused earlier this week of “faking” her African American ethnicity to gain “exposure” by a US congressman.

Conspiracy theories about Beyoncé have dogged her career, alleging that she has gestures associated with the Illuminati, the highest secret society.

Florida candidate KW Miller furiously claimed on Twitter over the weekend that the 38-year-old Single Ladies hitmaker was Italian.

Not even African American, Beyoncé. She’s lying to get attention. Ann Marie Lastrassi is her actual name. “She’s Italian,” exclaimed Miller.

The sardonic lawmaker further charged that Queen Bey’s song Formation had “secret coded messages to globalists.”

It should come as no surprise that the star’s admirers were incensed by his comments; one worried Twitter user even called him “a danger to society.”[Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories]

However, this isn’t the first time Beyoncé has been the subject of a disgusting, ludicrous conspiracy theory. In the past, people have accused her of being a member of a top-secret group, arranging her pregnancy, and practicing witchcraft.

Here, we expose the other perplexing Beyoncé conspiracy ideas as attention-seeking Miller shares more pathetic and hateful posts online.

Beyonce’s a ‘witch’

Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories

Beyoncé’s female ex-drummer made some shocking accusations against the singer, calling her a “witchcraft” and saying she saw her hop into other people’s bodies for sex.

According to The Blast, musician Kimberly Thompson also claimed that the celebrity killed her pet kitten while requesting a restraining order against her.

According to the lawsuit, Thompson, who reportedly worked for Beyoncé for seven years, said the singer used “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation” to initiate a campaign of harassment against her.

She said that Beyoncé was controlling her finances and tampering with phones and that she engaged in “extreme” witchcraft.

Thompson asked for a temporary restraining order, but the judge turned it down.[Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories]

Beyoncé a secret Illuminati member

Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z are associated with the Illuminati organization, according to what has been called the longest-running conspiracy theory.

The original Illuminati was established by Bavarian law professor Adam Weishaupt in the middle of the eighteenth century.

His goal was to form an academic group of contemporary intellectuals who were willing to disagree with the teachings of the Catholic Church.[Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories]

However, conspiracy theorists today have connected the ultra-secret Illuminati to several events, including the death of US President John F. Kennedy and the “faked” moon landings and 9/11 terror attacks.

They think that strong, elite people who “run the world”—like the “Girls” in Beyoncé’s 2011 hit song—now make up the occult.

Beyoncé has been accused of repeatedly making the triple six Illuminati hand sign, which is purportedly connected to the Devil, in public. Meanwhile, Jay-Z’s well-known diamond hand signals are believed to be a wink to the group.

During her 2013 Super Bowl performance, Beyoncé flashed the same sign, which some connected to the triangle symbol and the “all-seeing” eye of the Illuminati.

The megastar is accused of having demon-worshipping signs all over her music videos, and conspiracy theorists claim that her daughter Blue Ivy’s name means “Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest.”

Beyoncé’s announcement of her pregnancy three years ago with twins Rumi and Sir has even been used as “proof” of her Illuminati connections.

The news, which she announced on Instagram on February 1, 2017, is noteworthy due to the alleged Illuminati preoccupation with prime numbers.[Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories]

Not a prime number, but one that isn’t divisible by any other number is two (February is the second month) and 2017.

The fact that Bey appears to be kneeling in a pyramid shape—a crucial symbol for the group, with Illuminati rulers supposedly at the top and common people at the base—in the accompanying photo also drew the attention of conspiracy theorists.

The Halo singer, however, had refuted being associated with the enigmatic group a year prior in the lyrics of her 2016 song Formation.

 The first words of the introduction read, “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess.”

Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories: Beyoncé ‘faked’ her pregnancy

Despite being a proud mother of three, an outrageous theory contends that Beyoncé used a surrogate to simulate her pregnancy with Blue Ivy.

The 28-year-old reality TV star Marnie Simpson startled her followers in 2017 when she appeared to confirm the rumors in a Star Magazine article.

It was reported that Marnie declared, “I’m a conspiracy theory addict.” I don’t think Blue Ivy was truly born by Beyonce.

“Her bump observed to be crumpled in one of the images.

“It was fake.”

The Geordie Shore actress was alluding to a 2011 TV appearance in which Beyoncé’s growing baby bulge appeared to have “folded” because of an unusual angle.

Rumors that the Lemonade singer carried Blue Ivy, who is now eight years old, instead of using a surrogate mother reportedly broke her heart.

According to one source, Beyoncé faced trolls who said she wasn’t carrying the baby and that her bump wasn’t real during her first pregnancy. Bey pretended not to be upset, but inwardly she was devastated.”

According to other disgusting rumors, Blue Ivy—who resembles her gorgeous mother to the tee—is Jay Z’s and another woman’s daughter.[Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories]

Beyoncé died in 2000

Despite being one of the most widely recognized and photographed people on the planet, Beyoncé is thought by some to be a clown.

According to a particularly bizarre conspiracy theory, the star passed away in 2000 and has been replaced by clones for the previous 20 years.

Producers are said to have decided to use stem cells to replicate the gifted singer to preserve her legacy through music after her passing.

However, according to some theories, the star passed away within the last ten years.

A fan shared an online comparison photo of the “real” and “fake” Beyoncés with purportedly different smiles and hairlines.

Claiming that the 2010 and 2016 photos showed two distinct Beyoncés, he referred to the purported clone as a “high-degree masonry witch.”[Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories]

Some have drawn attention to Beyoncé‘s near-accident during the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show, arguing that the “real” superstar never would have tumbled.

Beyoncé has acknowledged in interviews that she doesn’t always act the same way because her performance persona, Sasha Fierce, comes out.

Beyoncé is 7 years older

Beyoncé has been accused of lying about her age, just like a lot of other celebrities.[Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories]

Although it is commonly accepted that the singer was born on September 4, 1981, some people think she arrived on the same day, in 1974, seven years earlier.

When a person claiming to be employed by the Texas Department of Health allegedly discovered her birth certificate, the first mention of this rumor appeared in 2006.

If verified, Bey would be 45.

Other purported proof includes a dearth of photos purporting to capture the singer during her awkward adolescent years and some ambiguous remarks made on US television.

The situation hasn’t been helped by the star’s father, Matthew Knowles, who has made some perplexing comments in interviews regarding the age of his daughter.

Beyoncé is the ” same age” as Pink and Usher, according to Mathew, who made this claim in a radio interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 in New York.

The artists are not ” the same age”; they are several years older than Bey, who is 38 years old. Their ages are 40 and 41, respectively.

Beyoncé is sister Solange’s MUM

Some people are obsessed with the age conspiracy theory and think that Solange Knowles, 34, is not Beyoncé’s younger sister but rather her daughter.

According to this bizarre theory, which assumes Beyoncé is older than she is, the pop star gave birth to Solange when she was a teenager.

It alleges that Bey’s parents, Mathew and Tina Knowles, concealed the fact that she had given birth, in a plot that sounds a lot like a soap opera.

Rather, they are said to have brought up fellow singer Solange as their own.

It’s unclear where the rumor originated, but it has been reported that Solange’s “cousin” has verified Solange is Beyoncé’s child.

Beyoncé allegedly’made her Destiny’s Child bandmates change their names.’

Beyoncé Top Level Illuminati Member conspiracy theories

Beyoncé is reportedly “in talks” to reunite with her Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

However, another startling conspiracy theory holds that Michelle and Kelly aren’t recognized by their real names because of the singer.

The Telegraph claims that some people think Michelle, who was born Tenitra, and Kelly, who was born Kelendria, were made to change their names so that Beyoncé, who was named after her mother, Beyincé, would stand out.

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